X.org configuration in sysinstall

Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Wed Aug 25 08:54:16 PDT 2004

On Wed, Aug 25, 2004 at 10:48:10AM -0500, Rusty Nejdl wrote:

> I think I missed something here.  Doesn't xorg have a nifty
> auto-configuration utility that can run without having to do any
> configuration?  If so, this is even more reason to not call this out
> during sysinstall.

Just FYI the results of using this appear to vary.  I've got two
machines here that work just fine with no configuration done at
all.  However on one it thinks it can do 1600x1200 but about 100
worth of the 1200 isn't visible along the bottom of the monitor.
So in GNOME the bottom toolbar is there but can't be seen.

There also appears to be multiple ways you can give configuration
a try if you decide you want/need to.  I'd known about xorgcfg
and "Xorg -configure" but a previous reply mentioned yet another
possibility. :-)

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