crt1.o: In function `_start': undefined reference to `_init_tsl'

Hanspeter Roth hampi at
Wed Aug 25 04:51:26 PDT 2004

  On Aug 25 at 10:06, Ruslan Ermilov spoke:

> I recall you upgrading your libc without updating the rest
> of the world -- this ruined your build system.  To try to
> recover from it, you may need to build/install in lib/csu:
> 	cd /usr/src/lib/csu
> 	make obj && make && make install

I can't make obj in /usr/src/lib/csu, only in
/usr/src/lib/csu/i386-elf. `make obj && make && make install' in
/usr/src/lib/csu/i386-elf installs /usr/lib/crt[1in].o and

I had to do `make obj && make && make install' in /usr/src/lib/libc
as well. This did solve the problem.


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