problems during upgrade to RELENG_5

Harti Brandt harti at
Tue Aug 24 08:11:36 PDT 2004

On Tue, 24 Aug 2004, Tomas Verbaitis wrote:

TV>2) Next failure was this:
TV>===> snmp_atm
TV>/usr/src/lib/libbsnmp/modules/snmp_atm/atm_freebsd.def | gensnmptree -e
TV>begemotAtm > atm_oid.h
TV>line 110: junk after closing ')'

The problem seems to be that it is running an old gensnmptree from 
/usr/bin although it should build and run a new one. Can you tell me what 
is the __FreeBSD_version in /usr/include/osreldate.h on the system you are 
trying to upgrade?


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