altq on freebsd 5.2-current

bettan at bettan at
Tue Aug 24 05:50:41 PDT 2004

hello , i have compiled my kernel with this options :
options	ALTQ
 options	ALTQ_CBQ	         # Class Bases Queueing
 options	ALTQ_RED	         # Random Early Drop
 options	ALTQ_RIO	         # RED In/Out
 options	ALTQ_HFSC	         # Hierarchical Packet Scheduler
 options	ALTQ_CDNR	         # Traffic conditioner
 options	ALTQ_PRIQ	         # Prioirity Queueing
 options	ALTQ_NOPCC	# Required for SMP build

device 	pf
device	pflog
device   pfsync

I have patched if_xl.c dans if_vr.c with this patchs  and i have put this rules
in my pf.conf :

int = "xl0"

altq on $int cbq bandwidth 1024Kb queue { std }

And when i run pf i have this message :

altq not defined on xl0
pfctl: Syntax error in config file: pf rules not loaded

I don't hav /dev/altq in my freebsd too.

Anyone have an idea for this problem ?

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