AMD64 VM panic with >8 GB memory

Peter Wemm peter at
Mon Aug 23 19:01:14 PDT 2004

On Monday 23 August 2004 04:06 pm, Steve Kargl wrote:
> Some relevant info.  The motherboard is a Tyan K8S Pro
> (S2882) with 12 GB of PC2700 ECC memory.  If I limit
> the memory by setting 'hw.physmem="8G"' in the loader
> or in /boot/loader.conf, then the system boots fine.
> Any other setting above 8G will result in the above panic.
> The panic occurs too earlier to get a crash dump.
> However, I'm will to try any patch or settings.

Hmm.  I think we had an amd64 machine around somewhere at work that had 
16G of ram.  I'll ask what happened to it and see if it can be 
recovered to sort this out.

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