AMD64 VM panic with >8 GB memory

Steve Kargl sgk at
Mon Aug 23 16:06:20 PDT 2004

The panic is hand transcribed.

vm_pageq_remove_nowakeup() at vm_pageq_remove_nowakeup+0x30
vm_page_alloc() at vm_page_alloc+0x25a
uma_small_alloc() at uma_small_alloc+0x5f
slab_zalloc() at slab_zalloc+0xcb
pmap_init() at pmap_init+0x98
vm_mem_init() at vm_mem_init+0x3e
mi_startup() at mi_startup+0xb6
btext at btext+0x2c

Some relevant info.  The motherboard is a Tyan K8S Pro
(S2882) with 12 GB of PC2700 ECC memory.  If I limit
the memory by setting 'hw.physmem="8G"' in the loader
or in /boot/loader.conf, then the system boots fine.
Any other setting above 8G will result in the above panic.

The panic occurs too earlier to get a crash dump.
However, I'm will to try any patch or settings.


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