SMP deadlocks

Julian Elischer julian at
Mon Aug 23 11:38:50 PDT 2004

Mike Jakubik wrote:

>Julian Elischer said:
>>have you the published IPI  patch?
>>have you preemption defined?
>No, i have not tried the patch yet, everything seems fine when debugging
>is in the kernel. Weather preemption is defined im not sure, where is this
>set? The machine is a supermicro server 6023P-8R, dual xeon, 2GB ram. I
>have tried with and without hyperthreading, doesnt seem to make a

ok, here's the patch..

if you don't know how to turn on pre-emption you probably don't have it 
on...  :)
(it's disabled for now  in i386/include/param.h from memory)

>>Mike Jakubik wrote:
>>>I am also experiencing SMP related deadlocks when doing parallel compiles
>>>and make -j#. I am running RELENG_5, cvsuped a few hours ago. The
>>>interesting thing is that i can only reproduce the system freeze when i
>>>not have any debugging enabled in the kernel. With the GENERIC debugger
>>>stuff in the kernel, it does not freeze. This is a real show stopper for

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