uhid recently broken

Christopher Nehren apeiron at comcast.net
Sun Aug 22 21:11:10 PDT 2004

On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 22:52:02 EDT, Doug White scribbled these
curious markings:
> Does it get picked up by ugen instead, or doesn't appear at all?  If ugen
> was grabbing it, you may have forgotten to build uhid in, or load the
> module before the device was enumerated.

I don't have ugen in my kernel config as I don't have any ugen devices.
Trying to load it after boot, surprisingly, page faults the kernel (I
say this on the second attempt to write this reply :-). It doesn't
appear in the 6.0-CURRENT kernel's device probes whatsoever. I'll build
a debug kernel without ugen and one with it, in order to obtain some
more information.

As for forgetting to build uhid in: that's extremely unlikely as I used
the same kernel config file for both kernels, and I haven't changed it since I 
upgraded to -CURRENT. I use this device every day (okay, I admit, it is
a desktop system), so I won't be removing it.

I abhor a system designed for the "user", if that word is a coded
pejorative meaning "stupid and unsophisticated".  -- Ken Thompson
Unix is user friendly. However, it isn't idiot friendly.
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