Bluetooth modules don't load on RELENG_5

Eric Anderson anderson at
Sun Aug 22 20:30:17 PDT 2004

Just curious if anyone has been messing with bluetooth on a RELENG_5.  
I'm not sure when it broke, since this is my first time messing with 
bluetooth stuff. 

Following the handbook, I try to load the ng_ubt driver, and I get the 

# kldload ng_ubt
kldload: can't load ng_ubt: No such file or directory

# ls -al /boot/kernel/ng_ubt.ko
-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  45306 Aug 20 09:38 /boot/kernel/ng_ubt.ko

(On a side note, I'm trying to get my new Sony Ericsson T637 phone 
connected via bluetooth to my FreeBSD laptop for surfing and such.  If 
anyone has a good link, I'm interested).

Any hints?


Eric Anderson     Sr. Systems Administrator    Centaur Technology
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