Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode

Kevin Brunelle kruptos at bellsouth.net
Sun Aug 22 08:21:11 PDT 2004


Replication does not look like it will be an issue.  Again, the system
panic'd while running a gl application when I was at work.  This time I
did get a core dump (but I still don't have a debugging kernel -- it was
building ARG).

Right now, I am going to disable my screensaver and carefully avoid
applications which might cause the panic again.  Once the proper kernel
is in place... then it is go-time.

If anyone is interested I am going to save the dump -- but it probably
is worth the wait (in saved effort) till I have a proper kernel in
place.  I am almost 100% sure this is due to the nvidia drivers -- I
upgraded on the 19th and never had a problem before this... that and gl
programs seem to be the cause of both crashes so far.

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