[PATCH] Re: cvs commit: src/tools/tools/nanobsd Makefile i386.diskimage

Andrea Campi andrea+freebsd_current at webcom.it
Sat Aug 21 12:07:04 PDT 2004

On Sat, Aug 21, 2004 at 06:11:40PM +0200, Andrea Campi wrote:
> What do you think? I can send you a diff if you prefer.

I went on and filed a PR (bin/70795) with a patch for this.

One thing I didn't put in the patch: in Makefile we call mtree for
/usr/include, I don't really see what's its purpose, I'd say it could be

I am also thinking of extending customize.sh to allow for removal of an
existing file, removal of files matching a line from a given file, and removal
of files that don't. The last one is expecially useful, as it allows you to
create a file with the binaries you want to install and remove everything else.
I've been using an homegrown variant of that for a while, together with a
oneliner that finds out unused libraries and remove them.


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