USB keyboard problems

Mayo Jordanov mayo at
Fri Aug 20 23:53:18 PDT 2004

I have the same issue with my usb keyboard. I had similar issues with
current from about a month, but what I used to do there was putting a
entry into /etc/usbd.conf, unfortunately that doesn't seem to work

One way to get it working is using kbdcontrol, but you'll have to ssh
into the box for that.

kbdcontrol -l /dev/ukbd0 < /dev/console   (or whatever the usb keyboard
device is)


On Fri, 2004-08-20 at 12:13, Markus Hästbacka wrote:
> Hello list, I'm currently not subscribed, so please reply directly to me 
> or CC me, thanks.
> Ok, here comes the explanation of the problem, I recently upgraded to 
> 5.2-CURRENT (Currently at 5.3-BETA1), and after the upgrade my USB 
> keyboard didn't work. I could turn on/off the numlock/capslock/scrolllock 
> lights but there was no response in other keys. Here's the information I 
> got from dmesg when the keyboard was connected at bootup:
> ukbd0: Logitech Logitech USB Keyboard, rev 1.10/15.00, addr 3, iclass 3/1
> kbd1 at ukbd0
> uhid0: Logitech Logitech USB Keyboard, rev 1.10/15.00, addr 3, iclass 3/1
> Now, after it was regonized in bootup, I tried to replug it in, to see if 
> it was regonized again, but no. I only got messages about disconnection, 
> but no messages when I connected it again, dmesg:
> ukbd0: at uhub1 port 2 (addr 3) disconnected
> ukbd0: detached
> uhid0: at uhub1 port 2 (addr 3) disconnected
> uhid0: detached
> The very same keyboard works on the ps2 with a adapter.
> Please tell me if you want any more information, thanks.
>  	Markus
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