net80211+atheros changes

Sam Leffler sam at
Fri Aug 20 14:08:38 PDT 2004 has a first cut at 
back-merging the work I've done in Linux to FreeBSD.  These changes update 
the 802.11 support and all the drivers that use it.  The patch also brings in 
the latest version of the Atheros hal.  To use it do something like:

cd /usr/src
tar zxf net80211+ath-20040818.tgz
cd sys
patch < net80211+ath-20040818.patch

then rebuild modules and/or kernels.  The diffs are against current as of a 
couple of days ago.  There are obvious changes missing to if_ray 
(s/struct/union/) which keep it from building.  Otherwise beware that I've 
built only on x86.

Note that this code is lightly tested.  WEP support is reported broken.  I've 
tested station mode of the wi driver but not ap operation.  I'm certain 
ap+wep is broken for the wi driver.  One person reported adhoc mode 
"vanished" for the wi driver but another said it was there.

The 802.11 changes are significant.  They represent >9 months work in updating 
802.11g support and adding WPA supplicant and authenticator support.  WPA 
support for FreeBSD is not available yet; it uses Jouni Malinen's 
wpa_supplicant and hostapd programs.

Note that the crypto support is now broken out into separate loadable modules 
(or statically linked into the kernel).  To get wep support add

device	wlan_wep

to your config file.  Otherwise the crypto code will automatically try to load 
this module at runtime when a key is setup (likewise for tkip, ccmp, or other 
keys).  This loading may generate WITNESS complaints about holding a lock 
over blocking malloc calls.  Resolving this correctly requires addressing 
some general locking issues in the net80211 layer wrt drivers.

I'm putting this stuff out as a patch because I've got no time to work on it.  
If folks can cleanup the remaining issues then someone else is welcome to 
commit it (I'll deal with the ath hal import).  Otherwise I'll look at it as 
time permits.  However I'm away the next two weeks.


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