Strange output at boot

Grover Lines grover at
Fri Aug 20 08:21:11 PDT 2004

I dont know if I missed somthing along the way, or broke somthing but 
the last couple days builds have brought me this type of output during boot.

      1197 %desc R  *Handler
      1198 %driver R  *Handler
      1199 %location R  *Handler
      1200 %pnpinfo R  *Handler
      1201 %parent R  *Handler
  1202 sc R  Node
    1203 %parent R  *Handler
    1204 0 R  Node
      1205 %desc R  *Handler
      1206 %driver R  *Handler
      1207 %location R  *Handler
      1208 %pnpinfo R  *Handler
      1209 %parent R  *Handler
  1210 vga R  Node
    1211 %parent R  *Handler
    1212 0 R  Node
      1213 %desc R  *Handler
      1214 %driver R  *Handler
      1215 %location R  *Handler
      1216 %pnpinfo R  *Handler
      1217 %parent R  *Handler
stray irq7
stray irq7

Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated.

Grover Lines

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