Evil: TI ACX111 non-success

Bill Paul wpaul at FreeBSD.ORG
Fri Aug 20 08:20:09 PDT 2004

> Hurray! I also got it to work, though I do get the following errors:
> # ifconfig ndis0 stationname lojak
> ifconfig: SIOCS80211: Invalid argument

Setting the stationname isn't supported yet. I think you're supposed
to set the OID_GEN_MACHINE_NAME for that, but I never got around to
adding that to the ndis_ioctl() handler.

> # ifconfig ndis0 mode 11g
> ifconfig: SIOCSIFMEDIA (mode): Invalid argument

Also not supported. I'm not quite sure how to duplicate the 'mode'
behavior with NDIS.

> Neither of these are particularly important (though I would very much like 
> the speed associate with g) because:

Because what? Have you actually tested transfer speed with the device?
It should still associate at 802.11g speeds even though it doesn't tell


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