lnc0 in VmWare doesn't work

Brian Fundakowski Feldman green at freebsd.org
Thu Aug 19 21:59:40 PDT 2004

On Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 05:10:29PM -0700, George V. Neville-Neil wrote:
> At Tue, 17 Aug 2004 23:05:00 +0100,
> Rob MacGregor wrote:
> > I've got a thread going at
> > http://www.vmware.com/community/thread.jspa?threadID=7055&tstart=0
> > on the matter.  If anybody can provide details to petr (who may or
> > may not be working for VMWare, but he certainly seems to be the most
> > helpful person on the board) I'm sure it'll help track down the
> > source of the problem.
> I have posted this to the vmware forum and will reproduce it here.
> This is what the debug output of the failing driver looked like:
> [...]
> If this tells anyone anything let me know.  I might take more of a
> look at this but now that it works I'm more motivated to work on the
> IPv6 stuff that I'm supposed to be working on.

I don't think it really means much because if it's all host DMA memory
outside of the range the lnc device can access, then it will look
perfectly initialized like the driver expects it to -- because it is
pristine!  What I would do would really quick change the driver so that
where there's BUS_SPACE_MAXADDR_24BIT, you replace it with a TUNABLE
and then try out some different maximum values via the loader.  I bet
you'll find it stops working if you make it too big, and starts working
if you make it small enough.

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