Tracking down LORs

Roman Kurakin rik at
Thu Aug 19 15:38:12 PDT 2004


	Currently I am trying to track down a couple of LORS
in my code. But it seems that I do not undestand smth or all
things id realy so bad.

	So I want to ask some questions to find out if my thoughts
correct or wrong.

1. If I am right LOR means that we have at least two mutexs.
Lets call them a and b. If we set a, then b in first case
and b then a in second we could get dead loop, and thus LOR.

2. If I have some driver that have mutex a, and we have some
sytem code that could call this driver with Giant (b), we would
get LOR if driver lock a and some other part of system will
try to lock Giant?

or I am wrong?


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