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>the handbook lists available cvs branch tags in

Eh; the doc folks probably need a reminder or some form of

>There are listed RELENG_5_0, RELENG_5_1 and RELENG_5_2 but not
>RELENG_5. If a nonexistent tag is specified in the cvsup file
>running cvsup the will delete the whole target tree.

>Is RELENG_5 already available?


g1-15(4.10-S)[1] cd /S2/usr/src
g1-15(4.10-S)[2] cat CVS/Tag 

>Is there a means to list available cvs tags without the risk of
>deleting the target tree?

Sure.  Direct a Web browser to; at the bottom of the page is
a drop-down list labeled "Show only files with tag:" which defaults to
"Allt tags / default branch".  Selecting that item provides a list of
available tags.

>Which is the tag now that will approach RELENG_5_3_0_RELEASE?

I'm pretty sure that would be RELENG_5, but concede that this is not my
particular area of expertise.

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