Public Access to Perforce?

Mark Linimon linimon at
Wed Aug 18 12:16:02 PDT 2004

On Wed, 18 Aug 2004, David Rhodus wrote:

> The trustedbsd trees are the only thing exported there, well for other
> than some mostly dead trees.  None of the TLS, AMD64, NETSMP, and who
> knows what else since its not redly a public forum.

A lot of it is people's private experiments, some of which would be
difficult to merge into -current.

> So with perforce development software, fbsd will become extra stable
> hence removing the need for the -current tree ?

No one has said any such thing, either about stability or removing
the need for -current.  That's just silly.  The perforce trees are
temporary staging areas and sandboxes.

> The web site is a marsh pit to navigate. I think
> more people would be content If the site could be cleaned up and the
> method of offering a .tar.gz file of every tree on the hour for
> download via the website was added.

I guess I can't see why anyone interested in tracking those changes
hourly would not want to work towards getting themselves a commit bit,
so they can particpate in those changes as well as others.  This
would be like saying "I'm willing to put in a tremendous amount of
work, but then not the extra work to go the next step."  Why?

Robert Watson has already said that the intention is to make these
trees visible on a website, and offered to give you access to patches
in the meantime.  How this amounts to a conspiracy, in your viewpoint,
is not clear to me.

As with anything else in open-source, if you think there absolutely
must be an open-source replacement for Perforce, please feel free
to write one, or find an existing project and join it.


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