Issues with the nvidia driver

Mayo Jordanov mayo at
Thu Aug 19 01:19:34 PDT 2004

First of all, thank you and Nvidia for all the work.

I've been using the driver since it has been announced here, and it
works great for most of things (dual head X, etc, etc), however, I see
some issues with GL.

When I run glxgears (or any program that uses GL - glxgears and some of
the X screen savers is what I've been testing with) it runs just fine,
giving me around 2500fps.
As soon as I stop glxgears, and run it again, it will produce about
6fps. In order to get it back up to speed, I have to wait between 10 or
20 minutes; after that it runs just fine again. If I quit it, and run
again, I get around 3 to 6 fps, wait 10 to 20 mins, and on and on.

Each time (high fps rate, and low fps rate) the CPU gets maxed out, with
a slight diference though: when it's producing high fps rates, there are
no problems getting other things to run smoothly, the CPU time is simply
taken away from glxgears and fps drops. However, when it's producing low
fps rates, the system becomes very unresponsive, until I manage to kill
or quit glxgears.

I haven't had many coredumps (one or two, I have one of the core files
saved, but most of the libraries seem to be stripped). My system runs
current, but it's about a month old. The gfx card is 5700 chipset.

Any idea what could be going on? Are reports like this any helpful to
you? Anyone else experienced something similar?


On Sat, 2004-08-14 at 11:34, Doug Rabson wrote:
> The latest 6113 build of the nvidia graphics drivers has just appeared 
> on nvidia's web site. Check out 
> if you are currently 
> using the nvidia proprietary drivers. This driver works nicely on 
> FreeBSD-current and while this version is not thread-safe, it does not 
> conflict with libpthread or libthr's use of %gs so you don't have to 
> map everything down to libc_r any more :-).
> There will be a thread-safe driver available for FreeBSD-current 
> sometime after I commit the pthread parts of the TLS support code.
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