FreeBSD and wine mmap [PATCH]

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Wed Aug 18 18:50:50 PDT 2004

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Ok, I've got a patches that are against 4-STABLE and 6-CURRENT.  This fixes 
the mmap function so that if the upper process address space is already 
mmap'd it will start from the bottom and work it's way up.  There is probably 
a much better way than the simple linear search(expensive, but not too bad 
with the new findspace implementation), but not being a VM person I don't 
This allows wine and possibly other applications to behave how they need to.  
I haven't noticed any issues on either my 4.x or 6.x system.

Now for the wine stuff.  The 4.x patch allows for the june version of wine to 
work, but newer versions seem to die with weird sig_action signals.  The 6.x 
patch allows wine to get to the point where it threads then dies with pthread 
errors about not being able to allocate the "red zone" I hacked up libpthread 
just to see what would happen if we can get passed this, and wine works 
nicely, but the libpthread changes broke other apps so we should probably 
just stick with mmap change and some modifications to the wine code.  I'll 
try to work up some wine patches to work around the pthread issue.

Hopefully someone can build off this so we can get something in after the 

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Anish Mistry
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