Public Access to Perforce?

Robert Watson rwatson at
Wed Aug 18 08:53:39 PDT 2004

On Wed, 18 Aug 2004, Doug Rabson wrote:

> On Wednesday 18 August 2004 16:31, Robert Watson wrote:
> > A first test for any open
> > source replacement for CVS in the FreeBSD project is that it be able
> > to import our current history and workload efficiently. I believe
> > last time this was attempted with Subversion, the importer ran at
> > least a month before the person trying it gave up :-).
> For what its worth, the latest cvs2svn converter is at least two orders
> of magnitude faster than when this test was run. I have a private CVS
> test repository which used to take several days to convert on a fairly
> slow machine. With the latest convertion script it only takes a few
> hours. 

Last I looked, my primary concerns with Subversion were:

- Cost to import full FreeBSD history.

- That it promised the multi-way branching and merging in a future
  release, but did not yet have it.

Do you know how things look with respect to the second issue?

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