Public Access to Perforce?

mark at mark at
Wed Aug 18 07:50:03 PDT 2004

bmilekic at wrote:
>   If you want to talk about open-source, why don't you divert the attention
>   to the frankly cowardly behavior going on pertaining to parts of the
>   DragonFly source tree instead?  Whereas DragonFly has appropriated a
>   significant amount of FreeBSD code, only to ammend the lisencing to its
>   own network code to include the advertising clause (removed officially
>   from the BSDL a while ago now), and for what? Only to make it difficult for
>   FreeBSD to take some of the code back.

Strictly speaking, this is surely illegal?

The BSD license states that you may pretty much do what you like as long as you retain the copyright. Surely changing the license fails to meet the license conditions, and thus doing so without the permission of the original copyright holder is in breach of the license.


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