panic: lock (sleep mutex) inp not locked @ /usr/src/sys/netinet6/in6_pcb.c:710

Jun Kuriyama kuriyama at
Tue Aug 17 21:18:45 PDT 2004

At Wed, 18 Aug 2004 00:02:44 -0400 (EDT),
Robert Watson wrote:
> Hmm.  This code is somewhat more spaghetti than I thought.  In the IPv4
> version, we check the return value of the notify function to decide if we
> need to unlock.  Something like the following may fix this:

Okay, I'll try with your patch.

> Do you have a dump for this?  If so, is there any chance you could tell me
> what function 'notify' was set to point to, and what the value of 'inp' is
> there?

Sorry, I didn't take a dump at this time.  I'll take it when I get a
panic next time.

> in6_pcbnotify(c0709d40,e4d3abb0,1600,e4d3abd0,9bed) at in6_pcbnotify+0x26d

Is "9bed" is the value of notify argument?  It seems it is too small
for function pointer...

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