Deadlocks with recent SMP current

Jon Noack noackjr at
Tue Aug 17 08:03:03 PDT 2004

Martin Blapp wrote:
>> > +        if ((ctd->td_kse == NULL) || (ctd->td_kse->ke_thread != ctd))
>> > +               return (0);
>> With the previous patch I still had difficulties getting through a
>> buildworld in multi-user (while running apache, postfix+amavisd-new,
>> nfs, etc.).  With this patch I have not run into any issues (make -j4
>> buildworlds are stable on my dual p3 even after uncommenting
>> -DUSE_KQUEUE and rebuilding make).  If the last patch was a bandaid,
>> this is one of those new-fangled "sport" bandaids that are water- and
>> sweat-resistent... ;-)
> Have you PREEMPTION or FULL_PREEMTION defined ? Else I can't see how
> this patch would be effective.

No, I don't have PREEMPTION defined.  Have I just been lucky so far?


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