RFC: Alternate patch to have true new-style rc.d scripts in ports (without touching localpkg)

Shaun Jurrens shaun.jurrens at ude.oslo.kommune.no
Mon Aug 16 13:08:34 PDT 2004

(written from the non-subscribing ranks)

Guys, while all of us appreciate the effort, leave the separation between
system and 3rd party packages alone.  For the less than 1% exceptions, we
don't need uncontrollable growth of / .  I know there's a lot of OS's that
do it, but it's not any better, and breaks a lot of the administration
simplicity that FreeBSD has to offer. (minimal installs with nfs /usr/local,
for example)

A class of ports that _has_ to have configs or startup scripts in /etc
could be made (I'm not volunteering, although I should, because I'll spend
the rest of my days cursing your existance with this move, just don't have
the time atm) and those could pop up in /etc/init.d/local (or whatever the 
beast has to be called to be sufficiently different but the same as the rest 
of the SysV world) or /etc/rc.d/local/  with hardlinks to whatever other 
runlevels or degrees of order you need.

Really, I appreciate the effort at making it easier to stop and start all
services and to have a system of ordering and dependency as well as the 
cooperation with other BSD's, but don't make it perfect at the cost of 
breaking everything else.  You've done a great job, now quit while you're 

I'll leave the paint and brush ready for the next guy... hope he likes green.

Med vennlig hilsen/Sincerely,

Shaun D. Jurrens
Drift og Sikkerhetskonsulent
Oslo Utdanningsetaten

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