ATA write-dma interrupt was seen but timeout fired LBA=53346288

Søren Schmidt sos at
Tue Aug 17 00:29:32 PDT 2004

Marc van Kempen wrote:

>>It was very frustrating to not have reliable suspend.  However, I think I
>>might have solved it.  Do you have a CDROM (or similar) device attached?
>>I added "atacontrol detach 1" to /etc/rc.suspend to detach the CDROM drive
>>before suspending.  Likewise, I added a complementary "atacontrol attach 1"
>>in /etc/rc.resume.  Since doing that, I have not seen the interrupt
>>problems.  I do notice now that shortly before the re-attachment kicks in
>>after coming back from suspend, I will see:
>>Aug 16 15:45:02 Mocha kernel: stray irq15
> I see exactly the same thing (from some quick testing), manually attaching
> detaching the cdrom drive (actually dvd/cdrom-writer) makes suspend/resume
> work reliably!

That does not fix it here at least :(
I cannot tell if I get any stray irq's since the laptop locks before it 
gets so far as to switch on the display...

>>I'm not sure if this is normal or is an indication of some weird IRQ storm. 
>>At anyrate, detaching and reattaching during the suspend/resume cycle seems
>>to damp it and stablised the whole ATA subsystem.

An interrupt storm would be bad and make the system seem to lockup in 
various places, maybe we are seeing that but on different irq's due to 
how the HW is setup etc..


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