Enhanced SpeedStep driver available

Michael Joyner mjoyner at vbservices.net
Mon Aug 16 16:42:02 PDT 2004

>>   I've also put together a very simple control daemon which
>> reads kern.cp_time every second and adjusts the cpu frequency
>> based on the fraction of cpu time which is idle.  This increases
>> my laptop's battery life by around 40%.
> It would be nice if you can extend it to use whatever speed control 
> method is available (e.g. ACPI, TCC, ESS etc), so that it can be used on 
> older machines as well.
> -Maxim
I think this would be good for desktops/servers as well. save a tiny % 
on electric / and / cooling bill.

maybe allow overclocking so long as one doesn't max out the cpu. :)

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