Disabled known-bad BIOS revisions

Riccardo Torrini riccardo at torrini.org
Mon Aug 16 16:38:42 PDT 2004

On Sun, Aug 15, 2004 at 09:07:50PM -0700, Nate Lawson wrote:

> Try booting with "unset acpi_load" so that acpi is not even loaded. 

Ahemmm, I'm sorry, but I read the next message and updated my BIOS
before any other test  :-(  Anyway with kernel/world after end of
june it boot only if:
- add hint.acpi.0.disabled="0"
- use a kernel _without_ option SMP/option apic

> Does your system work then?  If so, the problem that needs to be
> fixed is booting with ACPI disabled and is a bug.  I find it hard
> to believe that your system was designed to not work without ACPI
> since it is from 1999.

After a BIOS upgrade it works so I think it doesn't matter.  If you
really need a report from my old bios I'd think to revert to old one
(but only if you _really_ _really_ need it  :-)

>> (only a "don't know if related" problem: after switching to sound
>> and snd_* my machine don't play any sound, device is found at boot
>> but no mixer nor dsp are created into /dev ...

No need for this, found and solved.  With old drivers my AWE/64 use
sbc, now it need sb16.  Don't ask me why.  Sorry for wasting time.
Maybe I'm wrong again but I kldloaded snd_driver so I now have both
of them (snd_sbc compiled into the kernel and snd_sb16 loaded as
module).  Reading again NOTES give me a hint: I need both?

>> Can I vote for "removing" this MoBo from quirks?

> No, the hints give the same behavior you'd have on ... OtherOS ...

No need to remove.  It is a specific version that broke ACPI boot.
After an update from 1014.beta001a to 1014.beta003 works again.

Thanks for your time.

Riccardo. ( http://www.GUFI.org/~vic/ )

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