ATA write-dma interrupt was seen but timeout fired LBA=53346288

Ari Suutari ari at
Mon Aug 16 12:00:22 PDT 2004

Hi again,
> Søren Schmidt wrote:
>> For me at least network seems to be troublesome, if I exclude as much 
>> network related code as possible in the config, I can resume just fine.
>> YMMV as usual...
> If I unplug wlan card (pcmcia) before suspending I can resume without 
> problems.

	I was wrong. I just had good luck several times. Now I got
	'interrupt was seen but timeout fired ...' messages even
	when network card is not plugged in. I tried also without acpi,
	but with apm (which worked very well in 4.10) but got similar

		Ari S.

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