Panic: APIC: Previous IPI is stuck (on recent current)

Stefan Ehmann shoesoft at
Mon Aug 16 11:57:26 PDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-08-16 at 20:23, Garance A Drosihn wrote:
> I came in this morning and noticed my dual-Athlon machine had
> rebooted during the night.  I had just rebuilt current on it late
> last Thursday night.  The previous rebuild had been on July 27th.
> This is the first time it had crashed on me in quite some time.
> The machine is not doing much, other than it usually has two copies
> of the "folding at home" client running.  Other than that it's just
> use as a testing machine, and as a hot-backup for another server
> that I have.  The dump "info" file says:
> Good dump found on device /dev/ad0s4b
>    Architecture: i386
>    Architecture version: 1
>    Dump length: 1073217536B (1023 MB)
>    Blocksize: 512
>    Dumptime: Mon Aug 16 01:53:21 2004
>    Hostname:
>    Versionstring: FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT #0: Fri Aug 13 00:20:36 EDT 2004
>      root at
>    Panicstring: APIC: Previous IPI is stuck
> There is a 1-gig dump file sitting here.  I don't know who would
> be the most interested in this, or what I should do with it.  If
> you need more information, let me know what to do.
> I tried following the advice at
> but that web page suggests:
>      gdb -k kernel.debug /var/crash/vmcore.0
> and the gdb that I have replied:
>      gdb: unrecognized option `-k'

Try kgdb instead. This should probably be fixed in the handbook.

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