ATA write-dma interrupt was seen but timeout fired LBA=53346288

Marc van Kempen marc at
Mon Aug 16 07:42:40 PDT 2004

Robert Watson wrote:

>On Mon, 16 Aug 2004, Marc van Kempen wrote:
>>>Something is holding on to one of the taskqueues blocking the request 
>>>processesing. I'm not sure what caused it but backstepping ATA doesn't 
>>>make things work at least, suggesting to look somewhere else...
>>>For me at least network seems to be troublesome, if I exclude as much 
>>>network related code as possible in the config, I can resume just fine.
>>>YMMV as usual...
>>I have taken out all the network related options/devices that I could 
>>live without and it resumes fine now.
>>Below is my current config file. 
>There are a number of variables we could look at here, so it would be
>useful if we could sort through them some by trying a few cases -- this
>may take a bit!
>Before we start -- are you running with debug.mpsafenet=1, or any more
>experimental or custom network features?  I.e., changes in default network
>allocation, etc?
>Could you let me know if the interrupt (and ithread) used by the network
>device are being shared by any other devices?  On notebooks, interrupts
>are frequently shared (and also Dell desktop systems).  This might point
>at a problem with ithread registration, suspension, restart, and related
>Could you try compiling in support for all the network foo, but leaving
>the network entirely unused (disable DHCP, don't configure an IP address,
>don't raise the interface, etc.  Maybe even do this in single-user). This
>might help us determine if it's related specifically to network activity
>or not -- i.e., an active ithread. 
>If this doesn't help, could you try compiling out all the network service
>options (inet, NFS, etc), but leaving in the network interfaces?  This
>will help determine if we may be looking at a bug in a service, or perhaps
>a problem with network interrupt registration or a small set of devices.
>If you compile out the network interface, but do configure the services,
>does it still hang?  If you compile out the network interface, but
>configure the services and use them actively over the localhost interface
>when you suspend, does it hang then?  This would also help point at a
>possible problem in the protocol implementation.

Hi Robert,

I will try to do this tonight, by the way how can I see if an interrupt 
is being shared?



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