Change in PSM sync behavior

Rusty Nejdl rnejdl at
Mon Aug 16 07:15:03 PDT 2004

Dan Nelson said:
> In the last episode (Aug 13), Justin T. Gibbs said:
>> I've had this change locally for some time and think it may be a
>> worth while change to commit to the tree.  My patch defers the setup of
>> the sync bits until the first "normal" data packet is received from the
>> mouse.  In the case of Avocent Outlook KVM's, this avoids a bug in their
>> intellimouse emulator that sends back incorrect sync when you explicitly
>> request a data packet from the mouse.  Without this change, you must
>> force the driver into stock PS/2 mode or be flooded with a never ending
>> stream of "out of sync" messages.
> +1 vote for me!  This fixes the 2-port Switchview at my desk.  Resetting
> into regular PS/2 mode doesn't seem to do any harm (the wheel still works),
> but it's nice to not have to do it anymore :)

If this isn't committed into the src, then I'd like to at least see some way for people to optionally get this.  This is something that really needs to be available as there are many of us with KVM's that have run into this exact scenario.

Rusty Nejdl

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