Disabled known-bad BIOS revisions

Riccardo Torrini riccardo at torrini.org
Sun Aug 15 15:33:42 PDT 2004

As explained in UPDATING on 20040630, ACPI has been updated to disable
known-bad BIOS revisions.  A message will be printed on the console...

Machine is a dual pIII/500, MoBo is an ASUS P2B-DS (dual+scsi)

Without hint.acpi.0.disabled="0" I got a "auto-reboot-without-panic"
after loading kernel (or after loading/skipping ACPI, it is too fast
so I can't see any message at all).

Because the entry for my MoBo doesn't have a related PR, I think we
have "imported" from other systems or from other "reliable sources".
I'd like to know if any of you has that board because I use by over
2 years without problems.  I currently have enabled back ACPI and
rebuilded world again, it is up and running  ;)
(only a "don't know if related" problem: after switching to sound and
snd_* my machine don't play any sound, device is found at boot but no
mixer nor dsp are created into /dev, I will send a separate message).

Other test I have done between jul/aug:
- kernel without SMP, no hint: GOOD, see the disabled message
- kernel with SMP, hint to enable ACPI: GOOD, no message
- kernel with SMP, no hint: FAIL, AUTO-REBOOT

Machine is a dual pIII/500 on this MoBo:

# grep -A6 ASUS.P2B-DS /usr/src/sys/dev/acpica/acpi_quirks
# ASUS P2B-DS 02/03/99
name:           ASUS_P2B_DS
oem:            FADT "ASUS  " "P2B-DS  "
oem_rev:        FADT <= 0x58582e31
creator_rev:    FADT <= 0x31303030
quirks:         ACPI_Q_BROKEN

# ASUS P2B-DS 10/21/99
name:           ASUS_P2B_2
oem:            FADT "ASUS  " "P2B-DS  "
oem_rev:        FADT <= 0x58582e32
creator_rev:    FADT <= 0x31303030
quirks:         ACPI_Q_BROKEN

Can I vote for "removing" this MoBo from quirks?  What test can I do
to prove that is works?  If you need an acpi dump you can found here:
(first is acpidump -v -t, second is the same plus -d)

PS: please Cc:, I suspended subscription for holidays...

Riccardo. ( http://www.GUFI.org/~vic/ )

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