Looking for *90nm* Pentium M owners...

Colin Percival colin.percival at wadham.ox.ac.uk
Sun Aug 15 11:19:11 PDT 2004

  Thanks very much to everyone who responded to my email to
freebsd-mobile (subject: "Looking for Pentium M owners...")
with their processor data.  At least in the 130nm version of
the Pentium M (codename "Banias") the MSR (model specific
register) I'm looking at does what I thought it did.
  However, I haven't heard from anyone with a 90nm (codename
"Dothan") Pentium M, and these are the ones I really need to
hear about -- I need to make sure Intel didn't change the MSR
between the two versions of the Pentium M.
  The 90nm Pentium M was released in May, and will normally
be advertised as a "Pentium M 7xx", where 7xx is 713, 715, 723,
725, 733, 735, 738, 745, or 755.  I'm not sure what hw.model
will be on these -- it might contain this model number, or it
might simply be "Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor xxxxMHz".

  If you have a Pentium M from the past three months, and you
think it might be a 90nm (Dothan) processor, please do the
1. Download and extract http://www.daemonology.net/tmp/dumpmsr.tgz
2. `make`
3. `kldload ./dumpmsr.ko`
4. `kldunload dumpmsr`
  When you kldload, it should print three lines; please send me
those, along with the output of `sysctl hw.model`, and (if you
know) the model name/number under which Intel advertises your

  If I can find anyone with a 90nm Pentium M, then I should be
able to support them in the Enhanced SpeedStep code I'm writing;
if not, I'll release code which only works on the older 130nm
Pentium Ms.

Colin Percival

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