Change to src/release/Makefile needed for documentation purposes...

Gavin Atkinson gavin.atkinson at
Sat Aug 14 19:20:31 PDT 2004


Is it possible to get bin/70245 committed before the code freeze? It's a
patch to make the install floppies/cd beep as they bring up the
beastie-menu.  I'm currently working on bringing the release installation
notes[1] up-to-date, but it is impossible to bring section 1.5.6 up to
date and for it to be useful without having some form of audible beep to
indicate when to break into the boot menu. The patch is also available at - incase the PR
database is still offline.

My patch to the install notes is complete and is going through the final
make release at the moment, hopefully the changes to the notes will be in
the PR database within 24 hours...



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