nice handling in ULE (was: Re: SCHEDULE and high load situations)

Don Lewis truckman at
Fri Aug 13 22:23:35 PDT 2004

On 13 Aug, Don Lewis wrote:

> I managed to figure out a bit more of what is going on.
> The following code in sched_choose() pulls the selected kse off the run
> queue.
>         ke = kseq_choose(kseq);
>         if (ke) {
> #ifdef SMP
>                 if (ke->ke_ksegrp->kg_pri_class == PRI_IDLE)
>                         if (kseq_idled(kseq) == 0)
>                                 goto restart;
> #endif
>                 kseq_runq_rem(kseq, ke);
>                 ke->ke_state = KES_THREAD;
>                 if (ke->ke_ksegrp->kg_pri_class == PRI_TIMESHARE) {
>                         CTR4(KTR_ULE, "Run kse %p from %p (slice: %d, pri: %d)",
>                             ke, ke->ke_runq, ke->ke_slice,
>                             ke->ke_thread->td_priority);
>                 }
>                 return (ke);
>         }
> At some later time, setrunqueue() gets called for this thread, which
> calls sched_add(), which calls sched_add_internal(), which executes the
> following code frament.
>         class = PRI_BASE(kg->kg_pri_class);
>         switch (class) {
>         case PRI_ITHD:
>         case PRI_REALTIME:
>                 ke->ke_runq = kseq->ksq_curr;
>                 ke->ke_slice = SCHED_SLICE_MAX; 
>                 ke->ke_cpu = PCPU_GET(cpuid);
>                 break;
>         case PRI_TIMESHARE:
>                 if (SCHED_CURR(kg, ke)) 
>                         ke->ke_runq = kseq->ksq_curr;
>                 else
>                         ke->ke_runq = kseq->ksq_next;
>                 break;
> [snip]
>         kseq_runq_add(kseq, ke);
>         kseq_load_add(kseq, ke);
> Because the thread is a CPU hog, it gets put on the next run queue, even
> though it hasn't exhausted its current slice, which means that it has to
> wait for all the other CPU hogs to get a turn at the CPU before it can
> execute again.
> I don't know how to fix this problem.  I think the desired behaviour
> would be for the kse to be restored to its previous location on the run
> queue.

The best idea that I can come up with is for sched_add(),
sched_add_internal(), kseq_runq_add(), and runq_add() to grow another
parameter that would tell them whether to prepend to the beginning of
the run queue or append to the end.  If setrunqueue() detects that
TD_IS_RUNNING(td) is true, it would pass the flag to sched_add() that
would cause the thread to be added to the beginning of the queue.

I don't know if this is appropriate in the PRI_ITHD and PRI_REALTIME
cases, or if we want to continue to to round-robin.


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