Deadlocks with recent SMP current

Doug White dwhite at
Fri Aug 13 10:32:09 PDT 2004

On Fri, 13 Aug 2004, Martin Blapp wrote:

> Since yesterday I'm getting complete deadlocks. This time unrelated
> the servers are nor loaded at all, the just freeze after a while.
> No break into DDB possible at all.

Welcome to the club; I've been having them on my -curent builder since Aug
4. I'm going to set up a duplicate box and start binary-searching for the
offending commit(s).

Preemption is the default, disabled.

My box is a dual-600MHz P3 with 1GB RAM and running kde. A make -j3
buildworld will lock it up 75% of the time. It'll survive a nonparallel
build, and it'll survive a kernel build.

Haven't tried WITNESS+INVARIANTS yet since it really dogs the machine. :)

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