Panic in nd6_slowtimo()

George V. Neville-Neil gnn at
Fri Aug 13 10:19:13 PDT 2004

At Fri, 13 Aug 2004 16:18:32 +0200,
Max Laier wrote:
> Obviously it does. The original report mentions current as of
> yesterday (Aug, 12th).

Oops, I only noted the January date.

> > trying to fix up the IPv6 code.  I am running IPv6 on several machines
> > (CURRENT and STABLE) and have yet to see this.  I am also using
> > neighbor discovers (nd) extensively.
> Could you also load pf in one of these boxes, just to check if it
> triggers the panic?  

I'll try that tonight (PDT).

> Anyhow, the timeout is initialized unconditionally and it runs
> unconditionally over all interfaces present. At least that's my
> reading so far. The only problem I see is the mutex-trickery in
> if_attachdomain1. But as the original report indicates
> if_afdata_initialized was set to 1, so the last culprit can be in
> the domain.dom_ifattach() function.

I'll check.


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