Preliminary ATI TV Wonder bktr support

Jonathan Belson jon at
Fri Aug 13 03:00:38 PDT 2004

Justin Hibbits wrote:
> It's not complete (no sound yet, and no idea where to begin), but the 
> ATI TV Wonder is now auto configured.  Source merged from OpenBSD.  
> Since I'm not a regular FreeBSD hacker, I'm posting it here.  I hope 
> it's the right list.
> Anyway, maybe someone can figure out how to go from here, since I'm 
> stuck now.  I'll continue working on it though.

Are you in an an area where you get NICAM-encoded audio?  To enable
NICAM decoding you need to write a register which (for some reason)
isn't actually documented in the 878 datasheet.

Also, different cards have different ideas which mux channel
corresponds to which audio source, so you might have to experiment
a bit.



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