Panic in nd6_slowtimo()

George V. Neville-Neil gnn at
Thu Aug 12 23:46:54 PDT 2004

At Fri, 13 Aug 2004 08:42:44 +0200,
sebastian ssmoller wrote:
> i dont know whether this prob still exists. i run 5.2.1 on this system
> (inet6 disabled as i said) and actually i do not really want to update
> to -current at the moment cause this is my "production" workstation. :(

I can sympathize with that :-)

> but what i can do is, i can build a current kernel only, reboot the
> system with it, start pf, connect to the internet (dsl) and see whether
> this panic occurs again. 
> i dont know whether this will work .... (?) 

I doubt it's a pf interaction.  Also, you can't build a new kernel
with the 5.2.1 tools, you need the new compiler etc.

We'll keep looking for this.


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