cvsup on amd64 just broke today

John Polstra jdp at
Thu Aug 12 09:25:49 PDT 2004

On 11-Aug-2004 Doug White wrote:
> Checking the commit logs, I don't think Peter ever committed the patches
> to make ezm3 work under amd64 native.  The port on amd64 just downloads
> the same binary you were using .. the i386 version and an extra library.
> ezm3 builds the runtime libs needed to compile Modula-3 apps.
> Interestingly, jdp just touched that port. I guess he doesn't have peter's
> patches, or hasn't adapted them for the distro yet.

There is a lot of brokenness in those patches, as Peter will be
the first to admit.  They're really not ready to be committed at
this point.  David O'Brien has done a lot of work on this, but
there's still nothing ready to commit.


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