VIA C3M-266 vs. Current

Uwe Laverenz uwe at
Thu Aug 12 05:37:29 PDT 2004


I just wanted to report a quite annoying (for me ;) problem
with -CURRENT:

I've been running a small server with 5.2.1p9 on a VIA C3M-266
board for several months. This is a micro-ATX board with VIA's
CLE-266 chipset for PIII-comaptible CPUs.

I experienced problems with rpc.lockd and decided to switch to
-CURRENT. I first bootet with a new kernel and the old 5.2.1
userland: no problem. I continued with the upgrade and did
the necessary installworld and mergemaster stuff.

After the complete upgrade, the machine does not boot correctly
anymore, it crashes in or shortly after the bootloader. I don't
get any useful error messages. This problem must be related to
the VIA motherboard, because the system starts fine with other
boards (Asus A7V600, Asus P5A).

Is this a known problem?

thank you,

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