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Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at
Wed Aug 11 19:29:35 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 11 August 2004 18:59, Trent Nelson wrote:

> I typically have to run 'make' about 10-15 times before Qt will completely
> build.  Compiling Qt in general is probably more strenuous on the system
> than doing a 'make world' due to the nature of their classes and such.

Indeed compiling qt is making the compiler rotate quite a lot.

> I've never seen any problems with my hardware apart from this.  I guess
> there always is the possibility I do have dodgy memory and this is the only
> thing that is stressing the system enough to make things break.

Maybe. Maybe there are some software related factors there, too (qt isn't 
generally more sensitive to typical scenarios of ports-based installations 
being inconsistent in a way that makes stuff break - like the mixed threads 
libraries example. The difference is, qt very often just fails in a rather 
undescriptive way, and as it seems, way more often in some places than others 

However, qt does not randomly fail on the package builders - and packages are 
an excellent way to avoid the compilation stress. :)

BTW: A new qt version has been released yesterday... I'm already busy porting 

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