top -I does not show most of non-idol process

FUJISHIMA Satsuki sf at
Wed Aug 11 14:31:12 PDT 2004

On -CURRENT of 2004., /usr/bin/top -I does not show
long-living non-idol process such as cc, XFree86, emacs, etc. A binary
built from a year old source works fine.

I captured tty output from both top binaries run at the same time with
ttyrec for you to examine. To play,
1) fetch
2) tar zxf ttytop.tar.gz
2) portinstall misc/ttyrec
3) ttyplay 20030810.ttyrec (a year old binary), or
   ttyplay 20040812.ttyrec (latest binary)
4) enjoy.

note1: both output has been captured with
$ unset TOP; ttyrec -e "top.20030810 -Is1" 20030810.ttyrec
$ unset TOP; ttyrec -e "top -Is1" 20040812.ttyrec
on independent terminal.

note2: old top built with this way:
$ cvs co -D'a year ago' src/contrib/top src/usr.bin/top
$ cd src/usr.bin/top; make

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