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Iantcho Vassilev ianchov at
Wed Aug 11 06:26:51 PDT 2004

hi. that`s my new e-mail provider.
here is the letter that you couldn`t read -s sorry for that

only one questions  - about if_vr0 - you said to cvsup BACK - how to to that

HI! to
I`m please i can write in tah list.

So yesterday i cvsupuped-my source and rebuilded. First i did
then    boot-ed into single
then       mergemaster
then       installworld - there were
some errors about some man.gz but that`s not the
question. After booting i had the following
error: panic: mtx lock.sleep recursed on non-recursive mutex
vr0@/usr/src/sys/pci/if vr0.c:506
and the booting process went to
kernel debugger I`m with ViaRhine Model Ethernet..only after adding
network interfaces=" " to rc.conf made to boot
correctly special options while compile -pentium3 I  

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