ATA driver races with interrupts

Eduard Martinescu martines at
Wed Aug 11 06:05:24 PDT 2004

While I would like to say that the code I wrote is 'perfect', I have to
agree with Søren on this one.  I would prefer to have the SMART monitor
taken out of the picture, just to make sure I haven't been shooting you
in the foot :)


FreeBSD porter for smartmontools package

On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 08:20, Søren Schmidt wrote:
> Daniel Eriksson wrote:
> > Unfortunately it didn't take too long for it to lock up. After 42 hours of
> > uptime with very light I/O load on the SATA discs (plus the SMART monitor),
> > one of the channels locked up. No interesting messages in the logs, just the
> > normal "removed from configuration" message I've reported before.
> > 
> > Any suggestions on how to proceed?
> How about not running the SMART monitor ?
> The SMART monitor issues ATA commands from userland and could do some 
> major footshooting, so lets get that out of the loop and concentrate on 
> "pure" ATA driver details for now.
> Let me know how that goes....
> -Søren
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