Is anything being done re: the pcm timeout issue?

Conrad J. Sabatier conrads at
Wed Aug 11 04:26:13 PDT 2004

On 11-Aug-2004 Rusty Nejdl wrote:
>>> And I have seen that these will eventually stop working one by one
>>> until I have none left.  lsof and fstat don't show any programs
>>> using 
>>> them, but nonetheless, programms like xmms and gaim can't use them 
>>> anymore.
> Well, try as much as I could, I haven't been able to duplicate this
> tonight.  I've got 4 vchans setup and I was running madplay
> continuously on 4 channels for 4 hours and it worked the whole time.
>> The vchan code is fairly broken.  I was hoping to have to some time
>> to
>> work on this (and other problems in the top half of the sound code)
>> before
>> 5.3, but it looks like the clock has just about run out.
> I'm not seeing the locked channels yet, but that doesn't mean that
> they aren't there.

I do appreciate your looking into this matter.  So far, with my latest
kernel, I haven't experienced the problem yet, either.  Which doesn't
necessarily mean, of course, that I still won't.  :-)

There's definitely the possibility that it's not really a sound issue
at all, but just the drivers' sensitivity to something else going on in
the kernel.  Unfortunately, my knowledge/understanding of the low-level
operations of the kernel is practically nil, so I really can't comment
on that in any sort of intelligent or useful fashion.  :-)

I'll keep my fingers crossed here; maybe the problem will just "go
away" (or already has).  :-)

I'll keep you posted if I still see any problems.

Thanks again.

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