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Martin MATO martin.mato at wanadoo.fr
Tue Aug 10 11:55:17 PDT 2004

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Roland Dittel a écrit :

> Hi
>> well,  i tried now some kload  "modules.ko"  NONE worked (no such 
>> files or directory) kldload doesn't seems to find them
>> i checked the modules path;  and i  added  - again-   
>> module_path="/boot/kernel /boot/modules"  in /boot/loader.conf
> I've got the same message since yesterday. You have to set the 
> module_path to "/boot/kernel;/boot/modules" not "/boot/kernel 
> /boot/modules"
>> after reboot and the same  ACPI autoload error message,
>> kldload doesn't find again none of the modules i tried to load (i 
>> tried a lot of them)!
>> the module path in the sysctl variable is effectively set to  
>> "/boot/kernel /boot/modules"
>> with a
>> cp /boot/kernel/*.ko /boot/modules kldload find finally the modules 
>> files; EXCEPT acpi.ko.  i repeat I KNOW  that acpi.ko can't be loaded 
>> from userland,  i 'm only  seeing if kldload find the file(s) specified.
>> well i think   i have a big problem here...  :°(
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Ok, it 's work finally...  all this things for a  ";"  :°(
one question (maybe stupid)  why do not include the default path in 
/boot/defaults/loader.conf  ? 
that would avoid surprises one day, in a morning compilation  ;)

thanks for all , everyone .

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