PLEASE TEST: acpi pci irq routing

sebastian ssmoller sebastian.ssmoller at
Tue Aug 10 00:24:48 PDT 2004

not sure what i should expect (to see). but this patch looks good here.
everything works fine. no errors nor warnings. all irqs seem to be ok.


ps: hardware: asus m2400n notebook

On Mon, 09 Aug 2004 18:09:40 -0700
Nate Lawson <nate at> wrote:

> Thanks for all the feedback to everyone who responded.  I have
> finished 
> reworking our PCI irq routing approach and the result is much simpler 
> while retaining the existing weighting algorithm from acpi_pci_link.c 
> (around since Oct. 2002).  It removes the hack which causes the first 
> IRQ to be chosen from possible IRQs if the BIOS hasn't routed an 
> interrupt.  The selection algorithm is to always use the BIOS irq, if 
> valid, and then select from the weighted priority list if that fails. 
> I've tested both approaches fully.
> Please test this patch to be sure all PCI devices continue (or begin)
> to 
> function as expected.  If something fails for you, please send me the 
> dmesg from boot -v.
> Thanks,
> Nate

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